Abe, the main character of DFoS

Abe is an odd citizen of Prematon (or so it is believed) who doesn't age and becomes the main character in the first DFoS game. He appears briefly in VGC2 and plays a major role in the later VGC3. He doesn't speak much, but he is a man of incredible power that isn't fully evolved until later events. EnCLaVe tricks him into doing his evil bidding (because at that point, EnCLaVe is old and weak) and sends him on his way with the only son he has control over, Jeremy. Abe and Jeremy go on many perilous adventures together and become very close throughout the events of DFoS. He mainly wields Pain Trains, based off the weapon of the same name from the game Team Fortress 2, as nearly all the equipment in the game are.

Fun Facts

Abe is actually based upon a character of the same name from joke stories conversed through EnCLaVe and Odessa in real life, who is based upon the character of the same name from the Oddworld series.

EnCLaVe has an item based off of Abe's Pain Train mastery in Team Fortress 2 entitled "Abe's Pain Train". It can be visible here.

Due to a major misunderstanding, Abe and Jeremy actually kill Roger McDonald and Rosalind in the events of DFoS.