Construct, cut from the earliest version of Video Game Caper, was the first and last location in the game, which meant it would start Video Game Caper 2.

It was loosely based off a Garry's Mod map, gm_construct, in which EnCLaVe and Odessa were building, and someone had tampered with those buildings. This made them angry, and so they lashed out upon an unexpecting "Asshole", as he was known at the time.

Since the game was, in early stages, a joke, when the game became HARDCORE SERIOUS BUSINESS, it became more and more obselete to the gameplay, since the player could never return to Construct after leaving.

In the corrected Video Game Caper, Construct was cut and replaced by East Sempro, which was much larger, and the player could actually return to whenever they needed.



Airship, Dungeon5, Scene2 (VX RTP)

Game Location

Beginning, End