"I like Counter-Strike a lot! But it sucks! At the same time!" - Dark Man

The Dark Man is a villain at the beginning of Video Game Caper and is later revealed to be the first of Sinisto's minions.

The Dark Man is none other than a frustrated 15-year-old
Counter-Strike: Source player, who meets his match while trying to battle Roger McDonald, Odessa, and EnCLaVe.

After the encounter with Roger, Sinisto uses the Dark Man as a test subject for this evil plan, and accidentally wipes his brain as a result. Following this, the Dark Man has no direction to go and wanders aimlessly around Prematon without direction, resembling a certain hero from DFoS...

Fun Facts

  • The Dark Man was originally Sinisto's son, but since the Dark Man's brain was wiped, it was thought to be better if he was only a minion.
  • The Brainless Dark Man was a scrapped boss in Video Game Caper, near the final bosses of the game. He appears in Sinisto's Workshop, where, when you touch him, he either says "It's all my fault..." or simply "...".