Doran is a very friendly and caring shopkeeper from DFoS. He and the party share a mutual relationship, the party will escort Doran to new locations to set up shop, and Doran sells them items, gives them places to sleep, and records their progress.

Doran can wield any weapon in the game, however, he starts out with a MAC-10, the only one in the game.

After the finall boss is defeated, returning to any of Doran's shops will reveal that they have all been closed, however, returning to Doran's first shop will reveal that he knows that Abe murdered his mother and he will then lose his mind and attack Abe and begin a very dramatic final battle.


  • While it seems like it, Doran is infact NOT the final boss of DFoS, EnCLaVe is. Doran is just a final encounter and is not a real enemy, just something similar to a cutscene.