"I'm hungry." - EnCLaVe

EnCLaVe HawKe is one of the 5 primary party members in Video Game Caper and the primary antagonist in Downfall of Steam. EnCLaVe's lost his mother, father and brother EvALcNe after EvALcNe murdered EnCLaVe's parents. Immediately following EvALcNe's death is the meeting of Odessa.


EnCLaVe is somewhat optimistic and humorous, despite his devastating past and harsh childhood. He befriends Odessa Peters at a young age and they go through most of their adolescent lives together, becoming best friends. EnCLaVe usually is very hungry and reckless, causing many unfortunate events to happen to him and the party as a result of his carelessness. Despite his constant mistakes, he is always willing to take on the responsibility of fixing what he has wronged.



EnCLaVe was born in 1990. He is aged 20 in 2010 during Video Game Caper and 74 in Downfall of Steam in 2064. He andhis brother EvALcNe lived in a small house in Prematon. They lived relatively peacefully until one day in 2006, EnCLaVe woke to see his brother missing. He went to his parents' room to tell them, but upon walking in, he saw his parents' dead, blood strewn mangled bodies on the floor, staining the room. He looked up to see EvALcNe weilding a knife in his hand.

"You're next," he said, lunging at EnCLaVe. EnCLaVe and EvALcNe were fighting steadily for a while in the early hours of the morning. It was very loud. It awoke a boy next door, Odessa Peters, who ran over to help. Odessa ran in and pinned EvALcNe down. EvALcNe dropped his knife and EnCLaVe picked it up. He was getting ready to call the police when suddenly, he was pinned against the wall. He looked to the side and saw Odessa unconscious on the floor. EvALcNe grabbed EnCLaVe's neck, with both hands. EnCLaVe wheezed and gasped for breath. His vision was fading.

"Goodbye, EnCLaVe," said EvALcNe, and at that, EnCLaVe summoned all of his strength, reached around EvALcNe and drove the knife deep into his back. EvALcNe staggered back and collapsed. EnCLaVe burst into tears and dropped to his knees. Odessa gained consciousness once again and walked over to EnCLaVe.

"My parents died in a fire just a few days ago," he said, "and if you're looking for someone to talk to, I'll be there."

"Well, do you have food?" asked EnCLaVe.

From that point forward, Odessa and EnCLaVe were friends, leading to the events of Video Game Caper and Downfall of Steam.

EnCLaVe is killed by [CLASSIFIED] at the conclusion of Downfall of Steam.