The Forest of Wonders is the location in which the Cave of Your Future is located. In Video Game Caper 2, 5000G can be stolen from a stationery pile in the middle of the path on the way to the Beach of Wonders. A hole and a shovel can be noted next to it, suggesting that there may be gold below.

  • The song used in this location is 026-Town04.mid from RPG Maker XP.

Fun Facts

  • The Forest of Wonders was originally a secret.
  • The meeting of El Fuego Caliente and Odessa occurs here.
  • Trees surrounding the Prematon Restricted Area suggest that it was once entirely a forest. (VGC2)
  • Abe can be spotted in a patch of hedges wandering around, but when you walk away and come back, he's gone and never returns.