Jeremy is KFreezeSpot and EnCLaVe's third, final, and wimpiest son, brother to Issac and Walter. He is born between the events of VGC2 and VGC3 and teams up with Abe in DFoS to defeat a major unknown threat, that they don't know until the end, is actually Jeremy's father, EnCLaVe. Jeremy is rather timid, due to the abuse dealt to him by his brother during youth, Walter, but despite this abuse, Walter and Jeremy are good friends and love each other. Jeremy undergoes much emotional trauma from the events of DFoS and vanishes after the events of the game. Jeremy mainly wields Ambassadors.

Fun Facts

  • Jeremy's name comes from a time when EnCLaVe asked Odessa in a Steam chat for a name for EnCLaVe's child. Odessa said "Jeremy" off the top of his head and the name stuck.
  • EnCLaVe has an item based off of Jeremy's Ambassador obsession in his Team Fortress 2 backpack entitled "Jeremy's Ambassador". It can be viewed here.