"What" EnCLaVe

"I WAS CUTH FROMG THE GAME!" - KFreezeSpot in the secret Cut Content Easter Egg Room in Prematon.

This character was cut during early stages.


In early stages, KFreezeSpot was EnCLaVe's love interest. She was extremely sweet, and EnCLaVe has no idea who she is until she says it. EnCLaVe passes out quickly after the revelation. She and EnCLaVe were to have 3 children, Isaac, Walter, and Jeremy.

Once she joins the party, she would mainly use Homewreckers.

KFreezeSpot implied to EnCLaVe that she had dreamt of him moments before he entered her room. She also insisted that they met on YouTube. She instantly knew who Odessa is, probably because she knew they were best friends.

The earliest gameplay videos, such as this one, featured KFreezeSpot in place of Rosalind.

KFreezeSpot in Prematon

KFreezeSpot in Prematon

Very early gameplay footage featuring KFreezeSpot.



Jeremy, under the influence of Abe, made a terrible mistake and murdered his own mother, and his great grandfather, Roger McDonald.

Fate in Game Development

  • She was eventually cut because of her name and her unimportance to the person, EnCLaVe, who her relationship was based off of. This lead EnCLaVe (developer of Downfall of Steam) to request to Odessa (Developer of Video Game Caper) that she either be removed or changed.
  • Since the character of KFreezeSpot played a crucial role to the plot of Downfall of Steam, she was changed to Makura Lio, who was later changed once again into Rosalind.

Fun Facts

  • KFreezeSpot will still make an appearence in Video Game Caper in a different role, and will make a reference to her fate during development in a secret room.
  • KFreezeSpot admitted her love toward EnCLaVe on the top of a cliff on Prematon Beach.