The sprite for Makura Lio.

This character was cut during early stages.

EnCLaVe (in real life) requested that KFreezeSpot be changed or modified to a different figure of more importance to him.

This led to the addition of Makura Lio, a character based off someone who he was in a relationship with at this time.

However, this was a really friggin' stupid idea, as they broke up and are no longer together. She did not appear too much during development, so EnCLaVe's love interest was changed once again into Rosalind, a dark induced succubus, and will most likely remain this for the full game.


Makura Lio was to fall in love with EnCLaVe during the course of the Video Game Caper series. They were to have 3 children, Jeremy, Isaac, and Walter. She was to be an extreme masochist, and act evil and violent around most people and situations. She weilded Homewreckers, as KFreezeSpot did, and as Rosalind does now.

Abe and Jeremy were to kill her and Roger McDonald in The Realm of Confusion near the end of DFoS .