Early Prematon

Prematon is the most major city in the Video Game Caper and Downfall of Steam series. There are several locations located within Prematon. This includes Sproce, Little Winton, New Prematon and the Prematon Forest. Prematon is the home of several notable characters, such as Odessa, EnCLaVe, Roger McDonald, Doran, Sinisto, and several others. Prematon has many secrets about its past. It was once a vast farmland where farmers would grow several different kinds of plants. However, as it aged, more houses and businesses opened up, and the result was the Great Prematon City.


Prematon in the events of DFoS has become an intense battlefield and the entire town is completely out of control. There is no explanation as to how it has become this, but, for some reason Doran wants to set up a shop there. Jeremy is hired to escort him there, and Abe assists him. Abe and Jeremy then proceed to explore the town and they then encounter the Monolith Army and attempt to stop their evil plans.