The laboratory is the headquarters for EnCLaVe's team of men that assist him in attempting to defeat Abe, located underneath EnCLaVe's house. In DFoS, the party must go here and defeat all the scientists left in order to acquire a piece of the teleporter so they can get to The Realm of Induction. Toiletpaper is the head scientist, assisted by Owl slug and Duskboshi. Owl slug is the first scientist encountered, defeated near the entrance. Duskboshi is terrified and locks himself in a safe room, while unleashing The Return of Dark Guard. Once defeated, Duskboshi claims that he gives up and will not harm the party. Once Toiletpaper is located, he is terrified as well, and runs deep into the Exclusive Laboratory, and unleashes all the evil machines they have been developing. As they are about to reach the room where Toiletpaper is hiding, Arma appears out of nowhere and explains herself before attacking the party. Once defeated, the party continues into the laboratory and confronts Toiletpaper and acquires the teleporter piece. As they are leaving, Duskboshi betrays them and unleashes the Ultimate Bridget which, once defeated, Duskboshi simply runs back into the factory, never to be seen again in the game.