The first image ever revealed of the Realm of Induction.

"What? Are we in Hell?!" - Sean Kerr

The Realm of Induction is the negative embodiment of The Realm of Purity.



The Realm of Induction is essentially the negative world that we live in. Interrealm travelers usually do not leave the Realm of Induction with their sanity intact as The Realm of Induction is not intended for viewers who are visiting from a foreign realm. It is the absolute true world, every other realm in existance has branched off from it or is based off of it, because of this, the realm is capable of unspeakable power. There are some rare cases where Induced versions of characters can be found setting up small towns or villages resembling ones in The Realm of Purity. The biggest example of this is the Induced Prematon, which is basically Prematon, but altered to be in the Realm of Induction.

Downfall of SteamEdit

Through the Rupture Statue, EnCLaVe draws power from the Realm of Induction and attempts to get revenge at Abe for murdering his wife, Rosalind, and his grandfatherly figure, Roger McDonald. Once EnCLaVe is defeated by Abe's party in the Realm of Purity, EnCLaVe realizes that he must enter the Realm of Induction to utilize the power to the fullest and defeat Abe. Abe, Jeremy, Sean Kerr, and Pastel Ink head into the realm with assitance from Isaac. They fight through the realm, and reach EnCLaVe's old hut, which happens to be the location of the center of the realm, the complete focus of pure evil, which is where EnCLaVe hides out.